EuroSCORE for patients (You must read these notes before using the calculator)

euroSCORE is a tool that was designed for your doctors to work out how risky your heart operation is. EuroSCORE gives an idea of the likely risk if a group of patients (exactly like you) have a similar operation to yours. This information is useful in guiding your doctor whether to advise you to have surgery. Patient euroSCORE is a system that has been designed to allow patients to work out their own euroSCORE.

All operations and other treatments have benefits and risks. It is important to remember that euroSCORE can only tell you about the risks and not the benefits. Your doctors may be recommending that you have surgery because they think that the benefits outweigh these risks. Although your exact score can only be determined by someone who has access to your detailed medical history, it is likely you will know most of this so will be able to work out your own EuroSCORE.

This is called patient euroSCORE.

Most patients won't know the answers to all the questions - just fill in what you can, but don't guess. The fewer "don't knows" you have, the better. With this in mind you can use this tool to give a guide risk for your heart operation. It does not work for other operations. It is important you read all the notes before selecting the options; for example - only certain types of "bad chests" will earn points in EuroSCORE.

EuroSCORE will produce a score that is a risk of dying (in percent) after an operation.


    What is the euroSCORE of a 55 year old woman with bad lungs, and no other problems, having a "quadruple bypass"

    euroSCORE = 2  which is a risk of dying of 2%

    This means 2 in a hundred people having this would die, and 98 in a hundred would live.

We wish you a speedy recovery from your operation.


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